A pre-wedding journey towards toning her body and improving her health turned into much more.



I started training with Jodi 12 weeks out from my first fitness show. I knew nothing about prepping for a stage & knew I had enlisted the best of the best the first time we talked. Jodi walked me through everything and detailed my plan exactly according to my goals & body. She immediately got me started with Isagenix which helped me lose the stubborn last few pounds I needed, and then kept me fueled and energized for my training. Jodi perfectly programmed my workouts & diet, I never felt deprived or overworked, she was as committed to me as I was to my program! As they say, the proof is in the pudding – not only did I step on that stage 12 weeks later, I won first place Fitness Diva Short and came in 5th in Bikini Short! Jodi’s training & dedication is a testament to my success and I highly recommend using JodiFit for whatever your goals may be!


Age – 37 years old


Age – 42 years old


Age – 45 years old


I ended up with Jodi as my personal trainer by chance. However, I believe everything happens for a reason. When I first met Jodi 18 months ago I was 5’9″, weighed 210 lbs., and was over 23% body fat. I was out of shape, overweight, and unhappy with me. One of the first things Jodi said to me was that “effort equals success.” Jodi is an intelligent and creative trainer who remains dedicated. She has the personal and professional experience to drive you harder than you thought possible. Along with a customized workout Jodi provides a detailed menu to help change eating habits for a more complete approach for individual health. Jodi has showed me how to be more conscience of how I treat my body. I know with whichever path I choose, it is Jodi’s support that has taught me to approach life with new optimism and confidence.

John & Allison


John, 25 yrs old – 205 lbs, 19.5% bf
Allison, 24 yrs old – 179.8 lbs, 40.7% bf

We chose to train with Jodi because we wanted to be in the best shape
of our lives for our wedding. Jodi’s enthusiasm, encouragement and
support helped us through the process of getting into the best shape
possible for our big day. As our fitness improved, our eating habits
changed, we noticed significant strength gains and we kept coming back
for more. Jodi pushed us, challenged us and accepted no excuses, which
is why we were able to lose more than a combined total of 40 pounds
and dropped nearly 20% body fat between the two of us. Jodi helped us
make our goal a reality. We were in the best shape of our lives for
our wedding.


John, 25 yrs old – 185 lbs, 12.5% bf for a total of 5″ lost on the waist and 3″ lost on hips.
Allison, 24 yrs old – 160 lbs, 30% bf with a total of 13″ lost overall.

Trish Babina

“Jodi helped me get over a slump in my life…I had always been a gym goer and tried to make healthy decisions, but just after the winter holidays, and my 57th birthday, my weight had reached a new all time high of 153 pounds, on just a 5’3″ high small framed person, and I was in the doldrums, thinking that perhaps at my age and stage of life, working out was just not “working out” anymore. In January I signed up with Planet Fitness, in an effort to change my surroundings and hopefully, my work out plan, and my lifestyle. I met Jodi, and she brought me slowly but surely to believing that I could really do what I had set out to do…first by giving me the confidence to try a new plan of action. Productive exercise and core training, offering an appropriate nutrition plan for my specific health needs and goals, and encouraging the commitment to a new lifestyle were Jodi’s weekly offerings as a personal trainer. The adage “calories in, calories out!” really does have truth behind it! I slowly but surely started toning up, feeling more energized, and losing weight. More importantly, I felt the empowerment and confidence that Jodi inspired with every weekly workout. She changes routines so that I am never bored, but pushes enough so that I am challenged to move to the next level of fitness. It has been not quite six months since I began training with Jodi… and I have dropped to much healthier 136 lbs and feel like I have changed not only my appearance and my energy for the better, but also my outlook and zest for life… I would recommend training with Jodi for anyone who is serious about changing their total health for the better, and gaining the confidence that fitness really can be maintained and enjoyed for a lifetime.”

Julie – Before & After

Julie after 65 lbs, 42 inches lost

Yulia Kanevsky

“Nobody will argue with me that taking care of your mind and body is the best thing you can do for yourself. Unfortunately, a lot of us are very good at making excuses not to do it. Lucky for me, I found my inspiration, motivation and guidance in one great trainer-Jodi Harrison. She always knows what my body needs; even if I come in tired and unenthusiastic, her ever-changing and exiting workouts always make me leave the gym energetic. She is the most professional and friendly trainer I could ever wish for. Remember those excuses-too tired, too busy, too hard going-Jodi will find a remedy for all of that and always with a smile. She helped me re-shape my body and make me feel young and beautiful again.”


Age – 49 years old


Age – 47 years old


Age – 17 years old


I came to Jodi after losing fifteen pounds with an on-line fitness program. I was at a point where I needed to work with a person face-to-face and I was hoping Jodi would be the one to motivate me to lose the last five pounds and build more muscle. I now consider Jodi a good friend and mentor. Jodi pushes me harder than I ever thought I was capable of both physically and mentally. I have now lost those last five pounds and I’m constantly admiring the new muscles in my arms. If you are at a point in your life where you are ready to make a change, JodiFit is where you want to be. Jodi’s knowledge of fitness and nutrition can help you achieve any weight loss goal and her warm, fun personality is just an added perk. I have been so inspired by Jodi that I am now in the process of studying to become a personal trainer!

Carolyn Baker

“When I first started Jodi’s plan for fitness, I weighed 176 lbs at 5’7″. I was definitely overweight. In 90 days, even with some cheating, Jodi helped me reach 161 lbs, found muscle definition for my arms, strengthened my weak knees, and defined my shoulders. I feel ten years younger and more fit than I have been in years. I am committed to Jodi’s plan. I know it works. In addition, Jodi’s high energy, motivation, and nurturing spirit encourages each of her clients to strive for their personal best. Everyone woman (especially women over 40) should get Jodi’s plan and follow it. The results will be awesome.”

Penny Zamkov – Before & After

163 lbs to a healthy 140 lbs!

Stuart Sosnoski

“OMG will you get a workout at Jodifit! The staff is wonderful and the workouts are unlike any other!”

Sharon – Before & After

Sharon after 68 lbs 30 inches lost. 50 more to go!

Tina Pace

“Like all brides, I was very worried before my wedding about how I would look in my dress. So a few months before, I decided to ask Jodi to become my personal trainer. Jodi developed a personalized menu that was easy to follow as well as providing the one on one support I needed in weight training. By the time my wedding came, I felt and looked great. I can’t thank Jodi enough! ”